Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor Living Rooms are one core aspect of the outdoor living areas produced by The Earthscape Company in the Charlotte, NC market. The Earthscape Company distinguishes itself from other Charlotte landscaping companies by offering projects like a outdoor kitchens, patios, fire pits, sitting walls and fireplaces in addition to typical Charlotte landscaping applications.

Outdoor Fireplace, Charlotte, Landscaping, The Earthscape CompanyWhen The Earthscape Company’s conceives a plan for a backyard living room, we consider it’s placement relative to the home and backyard layout, making sure it “fits” into the existing scheme instead of becoming an “add on.” Also, it’s important to tie the home’s exterior and/or interior features such as stone, stucco, interior design styles and tastes into the proposed outdoor kitchen. Additionally, fun features such as refrigerators, sinks, ice trays, lighting, raised backsplash bar make an outdoor living room area appropriate for each homeowner’s lifestyle.

Outdoor living spaces are often constructed with integrated landscape lighting and up-to-date fixtures. Having a new landscape lighting system installed with a new outdoor landscape project can make a home instantly seem 30 years younger on the outside and much more fun.